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Retreat Dharma Talks

IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2018-12-13 Family, Celebrating, Connections and Friends 59:23
Kate Munding
2018-12-27 End of Year Reflection! 46:58
James Baraz
2019-01-03 Wise Vision, Wise Intention 60:37
James Baraz
2019-01-10 "The Illusion of Control" 49:53
Kate Munding
2019-02-07 The End of Suffering and Neuroplasticity 54:52
Amma Thanasanti
The interface between the Buddha's Second Noble Truth, the End of Suffering, and neuroplasticity and the rewiring of the brain for joy. Overcome stress with laughter.
2019-02-14 Communication as Dharma practice 60:49
Oren Jay Sofer
We communicate with ourselves and others all day long. By adopting a few principles we can use this activity to allow ourselves to grow.
2019-02-21 Guided meditation before dharma talk 46:56
Kate Munding
Guided meditation before dharma talk
2019-02-21 Restlessness and Worry 55:23
Kate Munding
Restlessness and Worry: what lies at the heart of this anxious hinderance. We'll explore how this classical hinderance destabilizes us and how to reclaim steadiness in our heart and mind. I'll introduce this theme in our guided meditation too so there will be an experiential component to the exploration. It should be a grounding and enjoyable evening.
2019-02-28 Guided Meditation 45:15
Kate Munding
2019-02-28 Community inspired dharma talk 55:39
Kate Munding
Kate prompted the sangha to write down question relating to integrating their practice with things on their mind, and she attempts to answer them.
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