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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2018-05-03 "A New Dawn for the Dharma" 63:46
James Baraz
James in a conversation with Dawn Mauricio, a fresh dharma presence based in Montreal. Dawn is in the current Spirit Rock Teacher Training and is also on the West Coast assisting some upcoming Spirit Rock retreats. James invited Dawn to share her perspective on how the Dharma might unfold in the coming years and her experience teaching as a young strong female voice and teacher of color.
2018-05-10 "Clear Comprehension Part 2" 59:30
James Baraz
In the Satipatthana Sutta (MN#10), the Buddha's discourse on mindfulness, the Buddha instructs us to contemplate mindfully, ardent and clearly comprehending each of the four foundations. "Clear comprehension" also translated as "clearly knowing" includes four areas of context for our mindfulness practice. In Part 1 we explored the first two elements of Clear Comprehension: "Clear Comprehension of Purpose" and "Clear Comprehension of Suitability of Action". In this talk we discuss the second two aspects: "Clear Comprehension in the Domain of Meditation" and "Clear Comprehension of Reality". With metta, James
2018-05-17 "It's All in Your Mind" 63:43
James Baraz
In the opening line of the Dhammapada the Buddha teaches: "We are what we think with our thoughts we make the world." Although we have limited control over what happens to us, we can hold our experience with a wise perspective that makes all the difference. Famed Buddhist writer Christmas Humphreys put it this way: "The one miracle this path has to offer is a change of heart." We can change our relation to experience and make the shift from suffering to clear seeing, wisdom and compassion. In this talk James sings a song he wrote in his 20's entitled "It's All in Your Mind".
2018-05-24 “Cultivating a Mature Practice Through Sila.” 57:49
Noliwe Alexander
"The Buddha spoke of Sila, the Pali word for Integrity or Virtue, as the foundation for inner peace and awakening."
2018-06-02 "Mindfullness: Freedom from Bias" 59:15
Oren Jay Sofer
Oren Jay Sofer offered the talk this week at our IMCB Monastery. Oren is a a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, a Nonviolent Communication Trainer, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for healing trauma. He is the founder of Next Step Dharma, and the author of the book, Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication.
2018-06-07 "The Teachings of Ajahn Chah" 54:45
James Baraz
This month marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ajahn Chah, one of the most influential Theravadan masters of the 20th Century from the Thai Forest tradition. Ajahn Chah was the primary teacher of Jack Kornfield, Ajahn Sumedho, Ajahn Amaro and other influential teachers. Ajahn Chah's teaching is a major influence on the Dharma as presented at Spirit Rock. This talk offers some reflections his approach to practice at once deep, fierce, down to earth, humorous and wise.
2018-06-14 Loving Goodness 53:37
James Baraz
After seeing the movie "Won't You Be My Neighbor" about Mr. (Fred) Rogers, James offers reflections about how deeply we can be touched and inspired by the good we see in others. That capacity to be touched by and love goodness is, in some sense, the heart of spiritual practice. Something in us loves the truth and is drawn to goodness around us. And it makes us yearn to activate the good inside.
2018-06-28 “Letting Go, Cessation and the Third Noble Truth” (James was on retreat this day so he invited guest speaker Suzie Brown for the talk.) 59:28
James Baraz
Suzie Brown is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s co-founder of the Melbourne Insight Meditation Group and has taught Mindfulness to medical students at Monash University. Suzie has also been a facilitator, trainer and educator for over a decade in the areas of environmental sustainability and organizational strategy.
2018-07-12 "The Concept of the Spiritual Home and the Question of What That Really Means to Each of Us Individually." 40:54
Kate Munding
Is it something deep within, is it a feeling of familiarity and spiritual belonging, or is it a physical place or group of people?
2018-07-19 The Spirit of Play in Dharma: Enjoying Your Meditation Practice: 56:24
Oren Jay Sofer
As a Zen teacher of mine used to say,"Life... very serious joke." Things can get real heavy sometimes - in life, and in contemplative practice. This talk explores the importance of finding some levity and enjoyment in our formal spiritual practice through the lens of play. Enjoy!
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